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5 Travel Strollers You Can Push With One Hand

When parents go looking for travel strollers, they often search for the lightest, or the least expensive. But if you’re going on a trip with a lot of walking, or commuting regularly with the stroller, there’s one thing that’s most important of all: It has to be easy to push with one hand. No matter how many gimmicks or features your stroller has, if it’s hard to push, your trip’s a misery. The following 5 one handed strollers stand out amongst all the rest.

  1. Combi Featherlight F2

Why we like it: Weighing in at a mere 8.6 pounds, the aptly-named Featherlight has an easy one-handed fold, and stands by itself when folded. The seat reclines for on-the-go naps, and the mesh seat keeps things cool. But the Featherlight’s best feature is its maneuverability — you can guide it with one hand, while toting bags in the other. It’s slim enough to fit through crowded store aisles, but comfy for riders.

Keep in mind: The basket on the F2 is on the petite side, and the seat doesn’t recline flat, so if you have an infant or child who needs to be flat when sleeping, keep looking. Also, riders must be 40 pounds or less, so if you have an older/bigger child, our next stroller may work better for you. The canopy is also on the small side; consider getting a canopy add-on accessory if you’re headed to a very sunny location.

Price: $199.99


  1. Maclaren Volo

Why we like it: There’s a reason why this is one of the strollers most commonly seen on city subways. At 11.6 pounds (10.3 without the canopy) it’s easy to heft, and it holds a child of up to 55 pounds, which should get most families through the stroller years. The Volo’s mesh seat is great when it’s warm out, and it comes with a sizeable UPF 50+ sun visor that can be angled to shut out even slanting late-afternoon sun. With a handle height of 41 inches, it’s comfy for one-handed pushing even by tall parents, and the built-in carrying shoulder strap makes it easy to lug up and down stairs and on and off trains.

Keep in mind: The seat doesn’t recline, so infants or children who need to lie flat for safety or sleep won’t be able to. The Volo’s basket holds a maximum of 5 pounds, so be careful when packing your day bag. The Volo also doesn’t stand by itself when folded; though it does fold easily (not one-handed, though).

Price: $99.99


  1. UPPAbaby G-Lite

Why we like it: It’s very similar to the Volo, but has a few features that make us like it even more. It weighs less — 11 pounds — and stands by itself when folded. Like the Volo, it has a great extendable canopy (with a fold-out flexible sunshade that really works), and a carrying strap that makes it a lot easier to travel with. It also has a (removable) cup holder, and its fabric seat is uncommonly easy to remove and machine-wash when (not if) it gets filthy. Best of all, the G-Lite’s wheels have quality shock-absorbers, which makes it a lot easier to push over bumps, cobblestones, even curbs and uneven walking paths. And the G-Lite’s under-seat basket is sizeable, and holds up to 10 pounds, enough to keep you in gear even during a long day.

Keep in mind: Like the Volo, the G-Lite’s seat doesn’t recline. Folding the G-Lite is also a two-handed operation — but it does stand by itself when folded.

Price: $159.99

  1. Quinny Yezz

Why we like it: It maneuvers like a quality full-size stroller and turns on a dime — so how can it weigh just 11 pounds and folds up so tiny that it’ll fit in a plane’s overhead compartment (or even under the seat!). The Yezz’s wheels are similar to those on online skates, which makes the stroller uncommonly easy to push and turn, and it comes with a carrying strap that makes the stroller a cinch to get on and off transport. You’ll love pushing this stroller so much that you won’t want to go back to a full-size.

Keep in mind: The Yezz only holds up to 40 pounds, so larger kids may outgrow sizewise before they’ve outgrown the need for a stroller. The Yezz’s canopy is on the small side (so, not great in sunny climes), and there’s no under-seat basket (though there is a pocket on the stroller’s back that can hold your phone).

Price: $259.99


  1. Chicco Capri

Why we like it: This bargain stroller weighs 11 pounds and has a feature not often found in travel strollers, particularly inexpensive ones: the seat reclines to two positions, which can make all the difference when you have an exhausted child you’re pushing through Disney or the Louvre. It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying, and comes with its own travel bag so that you can lug it around without the stroller’s wheels getting your jacket dirty. The Capri’s front wheel suspension makes it so easy to push that you can do it one-handed over all but the roughest terrain.

Keep in mind: The maximum weight tops out at 37 pounds, so this stroller is best for smaller/younger riders. The Capri’s under-seat basket is very small and located close to the seat bottom so only small bags will fit.

Price: $79.99

Or you can always rent it when you get there and make your travel even lighter.   Which strollers have you used that are easy to push with one hand.  Let us know if we missed a stroller that you love.