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6 Single Parent Travel Blogs We LOVE!

Here at Happy Traveler, we love sharing our best advice for traveling with kids as a solo parent, and we are always looking for new sources of inspiration. There are tons of blogs out there about single parenting, and many address travel with kids, but few talk about combining the two. Here are some of our favorites!

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Traveling as a solo parent with kids once in a while is challenging and sometimes exhausting. We are amazed to find people who do this full- time, so we really appreciate their advice. One of our favorites is Exploramum, a travelling and exploring duo. Exploramum is a single older Mum from Australia who sees travel with her son as a mission. The pair focuses on Random Acts of Kindness when they travel: feeding homeless people, helping out at orphanages, and volunteering after natural disasters. Their hands-on approach to helping others motivates us to find ways to give back when traveling with our kids.


This is another full- time single parent duo: a 50 year old mother and her 17 year old son from California. They call themselves worldschoolers, and the RaisingMiro.com adventure started with a one-year tour in 2009. Together, the mother and son decided to keep going, and today, 25 countries later they have lots of advice. If you’re thinking of worldschooling, they have lots of information on Project World School communities worldwide where families gather to support each other. They also share in depth the personal impact that traveling full time has on each of them- it’s a fascinating inner journey.


We’re fascinated with the story of Theodora and Zac, a British single parent traveling duo. They engaged in some SERIOUS single parent adventure travel for four years, including climbing Mt. Everest and cave tubing in Laos before they decided to live for a while in Bali. Now they write a lot about single parent expatriate life, but their blog contains a wealth of information and lessons learned from their years of travel. We’re especially amazed at the Mishaps section of her blog, where she shares how the pair survived some serious scrapes abroad.


Silvia, a Montreal based mom, travels the world with her school- age son. She works a regular job but takes every opportunity to bring her child along for overseas adventure. We really like her 48 hour travel guides where she offers kid-focused itineraries for two days in various cities. She really goes in depth about cities that don’t get a lot of family travel coverage, like Dubai, Paris, and Venice. Plus we’ve gotta give her props for even TRYING to look stylish while traveling solo with a child- and she does it VERY well!

Traveling Mom

This blog is written by a collective of writers, some of whom are single moms, so we’ve linked to the blog section on single parent travel. They offer a lot of real-world tips on all-inclusive resorts, everything Disney, flying with kids, and staying fit while traveling. A lot of the family travel info is helpful for single moms as well- this is a great resource if you have specific travel questions, since they have such a wealth of articles.


Beverly is one of the few single Moms traveling full time with a daughter. An Alabama-born trained geologist and yoga instructor, she and Bella travel and live abroad together. The two have visited over 14 countries. We enjoy the practicality and honesty of her writing: she discusses how to earn money while traveling and living abroad as a single mom, and outlines how she packs everything she and her daughter need in one backpack. Plus, her kid-friendly travel guides make researching a new destination point-and-click easy.

We love reading other single parent travel blogs and are all about collaboration- so if you’re a single parent travel blogger who would like to guest post here at Happy Traveler, please say Hello!

So what do you think, did we miss anything? We’re always looking for new sources of single parent travel inspiration, so feel free to comment if you know of a great one!