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6 Spas with Amazing Mother-Daughter Services

There’s nothing like a spa day — or weekend! — for relaxation, and for connecting the spa-goers. In the serene atmosphere, your workaday worries fall away and you’re able to calm down and spend time together, just getting to know each other again.

But not every spa allows children. Most, in fact, have a minimum age requirement. They may not allow children under 10, say, fearing their youthful energy may disturb the chill vibe. Even if your chosen spa does allow kids under 18, they may restrict certain services — such as massages and facials — to over-18s, or they may insist that parents stay in the room while such services are provided.

If that’s not your idea of a relaxing time, make sure to call ahead to your chosen spa to make sure your daughter is of-age to go. Meanwhile, here are 6 spas around the country that cater to parents in need of relaxation, and kids as young as 3.

1. The Greenbriar Resort Spa in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, caters to kids age 6 and up with a variety of offerings built specially for them. Mom can get an antioxidant facial and deep tissue massage (or whatever variety you favor), while kids tweens can experience the Just Wanna Have Fun Trio, a manicure, pedicure and mini-facial for ages 10-14, or the Junior Royalty Package, a mini-manicure and -pedicure for girls (and boys!) age 6-10. Got a teen? The Teenage Facial package includes a skin analysis beforehand, and a customized skin care routine to take home.

Cost: The Just Want to Have Fun trio is $180 and up; the Junior Royalty Package starts at $110; the Teen Facial is $175 and up.

Contact:, 888-598-8412

2. Mommy & Me Salon, located in Hialeah, Florida near Miami, is a down-to-earth day spa focused specifically on mother-daughter time — it’s even owned by a mother-daughter team! Girls of any age can get services including makeup, hairstyling, mini-facials, and manicures and pedicures. Try on one of the Salon’s Mommy & Me packages, with a shampoo and style for both mom and daughter, or a mani-pedi for each. All packages include a child-sized pink robe, and a complimentary glass of punch.

Cost: Mommy & Me hairstyling starts at $75; Mommy & Me mani-pedis begin at $55.

Contact:, 305-392-0503

3. The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Denver, Colorado knows that many moms prefer to relax with, not away from, their kids, and have recently introduced an impressive line of services for teens, tweens, even toddlers! Kids aged 13 to 16 can get the teen facial that’s specially crafted for temperamental teen skin or the Honey-Lavender Milk Manicure/Pedicure. For tweens 7-12, the Berries & Bliss Manicure/Pedicure begins with a soak in warm brûléed milk and finishes with strawberry lotion. Formal hairstyling or an updo is available for kids age 6-14. Even children as young as 3-6 can get a polish change for hands or feet, with a buff and file for sleek nails.

Cost: Spa services for children run from $10 for the polish change for kids aged 3-6 to $105 for the teen facial.

Contact:, 303-312-3800

4. The Beach Plum Spa, which has three Massachusetts locations at The John Carver Inn in Plymouth, The Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich, and The Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, is making a play for mother-daughter business with services for children aged 10 and up. Beach Plum allows young patrons access to the whole spa, including the locker room and waiting/relaxation areas — many spas don’t, which obliterates one of the chief joys of spa-going: relaxing after a service in a big fluffy robe with a pile of magazines. The Beach Plum also offers a spate of gorgeous services kids will love, such as the Chocolate Manicure or Pedicure (kids drink hot chocolate while their hands or feet are soaked in, and scrubbed with chocolate), or the Parent & Child Massage (a side-by-side massage for mom and daughter).

Cost: The Chocolate Pedicure begins at $45; the Parent & Child Massage at $190.


5. Given Disney’s family-friendly reputation, maybe it’s not a surprise that Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Kapolei, Hawaii offers services for the whole family. Try on the Ohana Family Massage with healing lomilomi sticks for 3 to 6 family members age 5 and up, or the “Keiki o laniwai” magical makeovers for 12-and-under boys and girls, like the Keikimahine, with a hairstyle that includes a flower and pixie dust, light makeup, a mani-pedi, and an “aloha” dress. Got a teen? The Painted Sky Teen Spa offers services specifically for teens 13-17, who can mix their own body polish or get a lomilomi massage.

Cost: Family massage starts at $500 for four guests; Keiki o laiwai services start at $15 for a nail polish changes; Painted Sky services run $30 and up.

Contact:, 866-443-4763

6. With two locations (in College Point, New York and Carrolton, Texas), Spa Castle prides itself on its family atmosphere — even babies are welcome to visit, and the Spa Castles allow them anywhere — in the kiddie pool, locker rooms, hot tubs, hold and cold sauna rooms, salt, sauna, and fitness room. Scrubs and massages are reserved for those age 16 and over, but kids of any age can get mani-pedis.

Cost: $40-$50 per person to enter; spa services start at $10.