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About Hillary Bressler

Travel is my passion. Well, it was my passion until kids.  Wow, did I just say that?

My name is Hillary Bressler and I started Happy Traveler, a single parent family travel company in 2016.

Our mission is inspire parents to travel with their children through recommendations and reviews of family friendly destinations. We also provide all inclusive family vacations for single parents and their children alongside other single parents.  There is no reason to travel alone when we can be together.

I realized there is a huge need for single parent family travel. Traveling with kids is hard and traveling should be enjoyable for both the kids and the parents. Can I get an Amen?

I am a single mother of two, wife of none.  After having a few “defining moments” while traveling with friends (pre-kids), I was determined that family travel can be just as amazing. 

Giving other single parents the opportunity to make these same moments of happy traveling is my goal. 

Hillary Bressler

About Happy Traveler

Welcome to Happy Traveler, your destination for single parent family travel

Happy Traveler is a travel media brand that inspires and guides single parents who travel the world to connect with others, give their children cultural experiences, and create happy family memories.

We feature reviews of family-friendly hotels, resorts, destinations and attractions. What to bring, where to go, and how to navigate traveling as a single parent.

We know traveling as a single parent is one of the most rewarding part of being a single parent, but we also know it comes with it challenges and we want to help make travel happy. Happy Traveler’s mission is make it easy to browse for helpful information, valuable recommendations, and lots of travel tips to save single parents time and effort.

Please send us your ideas, your gripes, and your praise! Comment on stories or send us an email.

We do accept invitations to stay at resorts and destinations in exchange for coverage by Happy Traveler. It would be impossible to keep up this volume of coverage without these invitations. As a strict rule, however, the site does not accept cash payment—ever—in return for coverage. Furthermore, we do not guarantee favorable coverage at any time. If you do have a resort or destination that caters to families and single parents and want to send us an invitation, please write to us.

If you would like to write for Happy Traveler or have ideas for us, please email your submissions. We will have your bio and a link back to your website.

Happy Traveling, and thanks for reading!


Top 100 Single Mom Blogs -2018  ( Our first award!)