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Fun Gifts People Give Passengers on a Flight to Say Sorry for their Kids

We’ve all been there — the line at the grocery store is long, and baby is tired.  Cue the crying. It happens everywhere and sometimes for no reason. Babies, toddlers and little kids cry, this is a fact of life. We’re all used to it. But when it comes time to travel, being cramped in a tight space at 39,000 feet with a crying little one things can get uneasy for everyone involved.

The simple act of reaching out to apologize in advance can help soothe frayed nerves for your fellow passengers, and it will let them know that you care. To help tackle the temporary uneasiness of those around you we’ve compiled a list of our favorite little goodie bag trinkets!

For all of these, you’ll want create a little notecard generally letting them know that you appreciate their patience with your little one in case they lose their cool during the flight.

Ear Plugs

We know, this one isn’t necessarily something fun or cute, but it will absolutely be appreciated by passengers who may have sensitive ears.

Airplane Bingo

We think this is a funny one.
You’ll have to use an online bingo-card generator, or create a template yourself using excel, but once you have the template in place you can start filling it in with words, phrases, or situations that are common in air-travel.  Make it small enough to give out in your goody bag, and make sure to drop in a crayon so that the passengers can mark it. You can have a prize of your choosing to hand out during the flight if anyone happens to actually get bingo.

Here’s a couple of examples to get you going:
“Crying Baby”
“Aisle-side passenger hits elbow on service cart”
“Sitting by emergency exit”
“sitting by laboratory”
“Captain tells a joke before takeoff”

It’s pretty wholesome, and might actually get some of the passengers hoping for a crying baby if it means they’ll get BINGO!


Chocolate is known to release feel-good endorphins into the brain. It can help release stress and make you happy. Giving other passengers Hershey’s kisses or other little chocolate morsels on behalf of your little one is one sure-fire way to make them happy.


Frequent flyers swear by Mentos for their long-lasting chewiness- even better than chewing gum for easing ear pain during landing. These delicious fruit flavored sweets are great to have on hand for landing, and to share in a goodie bag for your neighbors.


Playing cards

If you want to spend a little more and get creative, you can make  goody bags with some playing cards them. It’s something that can keep adults occupied with their neighbors, or lets them play solitaire. You can even print out the rules for other card games and include them in the baggie in case anyone doesn’t know how to play!

These little ideas can go into a Ziploc bag with your note, and will be sure to help increase the friendliness factor of your fellow fliers. Let us know how it goes!