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The Single Parent Travel Movement Is Gaining Attention

Single parent travel is making waves in the travel industry.

The travel industry finally has their eyes open to the fact that single parents do travel often.

CNN travel just released this story, How single-parent families are changing the way we travel. The travel industry is starting to understand the single parent family travel industry. Single parents are thrilled to see that the single parent family travel niche is getting attention.  Though there can be unique challenges to traveling as a single parent, those who travel see the benefits far outweighing the costs.

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Even if the travel industry isn’t keeping up with the fact that not every family has two parents and two kids, that isn’t stopping single parents. Families headed by an individual now make up almost 30% of families worldwide.

Founder of VacationKids.com and author of Fearless Family Vacations: Make Everyone Happy Without Losing Your Mind says,” travel is one of the best gifts parents can give to their children. If lucky, most families get about 15 chances to create lifelong vacation memories with their kids.

“Overwhelmed Moms and Dads need help sifting through the millions of vacation options for families. You worry about everything when it comes to your kids. You simply want the best vacation at the right price. We all know, if the kids aren’t happy, no one will be happy…and there are no “do overs” for a bad family vacation”, says Black.  Travel memories are the bond that last a lifetime.

Flying With Children as a Single Parent

As far as single parent family travel, it is on the rise as well. According to United States Census Bureau data, 27% of children under the age of 18 currently live in single-parent households. Intrepid, a family travel tour operator, reported that 16% of its family bookings were made by single parents in 2017. The company said it is getting an increase in inquiries from single parents.

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Intrepid Travel has developed six new tours for single parents traveling with their children. Although some family tour operators may welcome single parents alongside two-parent families, Intrepid keeps each group restricted to only single-parent families.

“You only need to look at family holiday packages widely advertised by the travel industry to see they cater to two parents and two children.” Dyan McKie, brand manager of family adventures for Intrepid Travel, said in a statement. “In many ways this assumption is archaic and doesn’t reflect today’s families.

“The travel industry caters to so many niche groups but

solo parents have been ignored for too long.”

– Intrepid Travel

As families look beyond traditional resort or theme park destinations and dive into the single parent travel movement, it will be a win-win for travelers and travel industry alike.

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