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Targeting An Untapped Travel Niche-The Single Parent Family Travel Market


Happy Traveler Targeting An Untapped Travel Niche -The Single Parent Family Travel Market

April 11, 2018- Orlando- Happy Traveler has found a niche in the family travel industry that has been untapped, the single parent family travel market.

In the USA today,there is little focus on single parent travel and there are nearly 13.6 million single parents raising over 21 million children.

Hillary Bressler, a single mom and digital marketing pioneer, founded,,  to focus on single parent family.

While managing a Facebook group of 1,500+ single moms, Hillary saw their struggle to find travel that catered to them. They were determined to connect with other single moms to join them on vacation. These Moms were my inspiration.

Happy Traveler offers vacation opportunities solely for single parents and review family friendly resorts and destinations.

American parents are driven to give their children these amazing experiences while traveling, but come home needing a vacation from their vacation.

“I am here to start a travel moment for all family travel. Single parents and married parents work so hard raising their children, and rarely plan vacation time that they enjoy, too. It is time for a change.”  says Bressler.

Single parents travel alone with our children and many of us would prefer to travel with other single parents so we have an adult to talk to and someone to lend a helping hand.  Married couples have challenges too on vacation, like not being able to go out to dinner unless they get a babysitter. Single parents can’t even go to the hotel gym without getting a sitter! We want the travel industry to cater to family travel.

Happy Traveler is solving these problems by offering single parent family travel at all-inclusive resorts so single parents don’t have to worry about a thing and everyone in the family, including Mom are happy, hence the name, Happy Traveler.


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